Market leader in environmental commodities

We provide market access and create liquidity in the environmental commodities markets.

Our international team speaks local languages and understands local market needs and opportunities. This helps us provide creative, out-of-the-box trading solutions to help you take full advantage of the market.

Full market coverage


We trade carbon emission allowances with utilities, traders and industrial clients throughout Europe, both on voluntary and compliance markets.

Energy efficiency

We originate and trade energy efficiency certificates on local markets (Certificats de Economie d’Energie in France, PMEF in Poland and Certificati Bianchi in Italy).


We facilitate trades in the biofuel and oil industry by trading feedstock and blending obligation tickets (HBE, RTFC, Biokraftstoffquoten, CBD, EMHV).


STX helps its customers to improve the sourcing and sales of biogas and also generates European arbitrage opportunities. Whether national subsidy schemes, the transportation sector or voluntary markets, STX can advise and help to structure deals for our customers to maximise values.

Green electricity

We provide market access and create liquidity in the European renewable energy certificates markets. We cover national compliance markets (in the UK, Belgium, Italy and Poland) as well as voluntary Guarantees of Origin (European GoO’s).

Waste and recyclables

We source waste material and provide alternative deal flow to waste providers.

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